A recent survey just released by the civic group Ciudad Nuestra asked residents of Lima if they had been the victim of a crime in the past year.
21% of Limas population responded saying that they had. Breaking down the crime figures by area the worst regions were Villa El Salvadoe at 27.5%.
If you live to the South of Lima in the less densely populated area of Lurin then only 9.6% of the residence had been the victim of crime. Some of the safer neighbourhoods are Miraflores at 15.3% and San Isidro at 17.3%. According to respondents, pocket-picking and bag-snatching are by-far the most common crimes in Lima, followed by burglary. There was also a feel good factor expressed by the residence living in the lower crime areas. People generally felt more secure than their counterparts living
in other areas.

It is important to put these figures into perspective. Lima has a population of approximately 8.5 million in the metropolitan area and a population density of
about 3000 inhabitants per square kilometre. It’s also important to understand the definitions of crime. For example, a burglary doesn’t just mean that someone’s home has been broken into; it also includes empty houses and garages.

To Stay Safe in Lima.

Rent a secure apartment such as ours in a safe area. Our rental apartment has a front reception desk and 24hr security.
San Isidro and Miraflores are good areas and you are centrally located for most of the tourist attractions in Lima.
Do not flaunt your valuables (phones, jewellery, cameras, watches etc). Use a licensed taxi to get you around ideally booked from the reception of your apartment.
Of course what may be obvious to some do not walk the streets at night alone.


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