Peru celebrates 100 years since Hiram Bingham discovered the forgotten citadel of Machu Picchu. Peru’s chamber of tourism hopes the festivities will kick-start a wave of new interest, after flooded rivers closed Machu Picchu  for two months last year. The event will begin on July 7, the main day of the hundredth anniversary, and it will last five days. A show is being prepared that will undoubtedly give something to talk about, with a traditional theme where there will be a flight of the condor, lights and more; all this from the highest point of Machu Picchu, in a presentation for 500 people.

The centennial celebration for Machu Picchu is expected to attract $40 million of additional tourism revenue to the Cusco region this month, according to an analysis by Gestión. For full details of all the Machu Picchu celebrations please visit the official site.


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