Lima Miraflores Restaurants

The Miraflores apartment has the luxury of two excellent restaurants offering great food for breakfast  lunch and dinner. The restaurants are just across the road from the Parque Miraflores building in Avenida 28 de Julio. They both offer a wide choice of authentic Peruvian Cuisine and International food.
Of course there is lots of fantastic food and drink to be experienced in Lima, but you will find it difficult to pull yourself away from the fine food at these top Miraflores restaurants.

Pastelerí­a San Antonio (San Antonio Bakery Miraflores).

A great restaurant for breakfast or brunch, located just across the street from the apartment it is a smart place but not too expensive. Try one of the restaurants mixed salads, they are very fresh and huge. It is not unusual to sit and listen to 6 or more different languages being spoken whilst eating your food in this very calming restaurant.

San Antonio Pasteleria Bakery Lima Miraflores


Tanta Restaurants

Alternatively you will find one of Celebrity chef Gastón  Acurio Tanta restaurants next door. The food is traditional with flavours and influences from around the world. Its also has a deli where you can drink coffee and take in the atmosphere of Miraflores. Tanta is a casual place turn up at the weekend morning and you’ll find a jam-packed restaurant filled with relaxed people chilling out around their tables, munching on empanadas, drinking great coffee, and reading the latest Peruvian headlines. It is a place to eat, read, chat, and just generally enjoy yourself at a leisurely pace.

Tanta Restaurant Logo Lima Mraflores

If you have visited either of these restaurants we would love you to review them below. What was your favourite food “Huevos estrellados” , Empanadas, Spaghetti Mediterraneo, Ensalada Casera or did you just enjoy the  Piscosours, Cusqena and fruit juice. What was the whole restaurant dining experience like? were the prices good? We would love to hear your restaurant review.


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